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SB-21-087 Pre-Hearing Press Conference

Press Conference for SB 21-087, a bill that will bring agricultural workers in Colorado into the 21st. Century.

Agricultural workers across the country are living with the impacts of racism in our legal system. This bill gives farm workers the same protections that other workers across the country currently enjoy. It is a bill to remediate harm and to undo the systemic racism that has trapped agricultural workers with laws that give them no minimum wage, overtime pay, or protections from retaliation.

Simple solution to injustice and yet the resistance has been great, with big Ag and farmers who profit from the injustice fighting hard to shut the bill down.

Come hear about this fight for justice and get a chance to report on the bill as it is being heard in the Business, Labor & TEchnology committee. If you cover agriculture, immigration, social justice, the Colorado legislature, food, food systems, or human rights this bill is something to follow this year.

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